December 2000


A Message from Corus Hotels

Matt Turner and Edward Horner are to enter the new Lotus Elise Series through an exciting new sponsorship agreement from Corus hotels.

"With Vauxhall withdrawing its support from the TOCA support races, we had to re- valuate our motor sport strategy, "explains Charles Holmes, Group Managing Director of Corus hotels. "Instead of being just another sponsor, we wanted to develop a relationship with two drivers who have the potential to become future Sports car stars. But finding two like-minded drivers and the right championship to start the process was not easy. We were impressed with the professionalism and commitment of Lotus Motorsport and realised that the Elise Series was the best championship for Corus to develop Matt and Edward as competitive Sports car drivers."

Both drivers were chosen from an initial list of six because of their past experience and commitment to Sports car racing.

"Matt gave 110% commitment throughout last year in the Vectra Challenge despite difficulties he experienced. He has always had the speed but has never before been in the right situation. I believe that the Lotus environment will give him the very best opportunities," explains Charles Holmes. "Matt and Edward are a great driver combination and I am very excited about the season ahead."

For Turner, it will be a return to the TOCA package with Corus: "My first season in the UK with the Vauxhall Vectra Championship was difficult at the best of times - I just learnt that front-wheel drive cars didn't suit my driving style. Sports car racing, and in particular a return to Le Mans, has always been my goal, but without the support from a company like Corus it has always been difficult. I'm really looking forward to the start of the season and working with Edward."

Turner and Horner will combine their Lotus Elise Series program by competing in two Sports car races at the end of the season in preparation of a full Sports car Championship assault in 2001.